Axis/Rev LLC is owned and operated by Joe Weirather, an information technology specialist with more than 20 years' experience. Its mission since its creation in 2009 is to partner with businesses of all sizes to leverage technology through Best Practice methodologies. Joe has extensive experience and certifications with Microsoft Products and continues to support them, and is also an evangelist for a variety of open source projects, including Ubuntu/LinuxWordpress and Drupal, among others.

Joe began his professional IT experience during the Dos 5/Windows 3.11 days, working on the PC assembly line at a former Fortune 100 company, quickly moving into its quality control area. In the following years he worked in various aspects of PC/Network operations, technical support, computer aided graphic design, internet research, software planning, technical writing, and more. In 1997, Joe began working for a local PC and Network support provider, planning, managing, and supporting networks for dozens of companies of all sizes, helping those companies use best practices to find better ways to integrate technology into their business models.

In 2001, Joe and two business partners started Datasilk Corporation, dedicated to helping businesses take advantage of emerging web technologies. These websites ranged from mom-and-pop "postcard" websites, to customer-facing catalog and retail applications, all the way up to custom intranet applications aggregating data from thousands of users/employees for management and reporting purposes. In 2007 Joe and his partners also started a sister company, Garrison Information Technology, to deliver PC and network management. In 2009, due to economic conditions, Datasilk and Garrison were wound down amicably, with the partners each going their own way.

Joe then started Axis/Rev as a "boutique" consulting firm, and continues to advocate for several IT clients, helping define their needs, architect projects, identify candidate technologies, work with vendors, and provide hands-on development and support when necessary.