Alan S., President & COO, Retail Merchandising Business:

"Joe Weirather oversaw the development and execution of a dynamic database platform for my business. His technical aptitude, performance, delivery and professionalism was always first rate! I particularly appreciated his ability to listen and understand our complex needs."


Laura S., General Manager, Garment/Fashion Industry:

"Throughout the years Joe has continued to impress us with his IT Knowledge, communication skills and dedication to understanding our business needs. Our business is always changing and with technology always changing we rely heavily on Joe’s expertise to keep our business operating at a fast pace."


Tom S., President & CEO, Online Social Marketplace:

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with [Axis/Rev] on numerous branding, web and software projects, and have found them to be thoughtful, creative, and diligent in all aspects of documentation and development. When the time came for me to select partners for a new web startup, it was an easy choice to bring them on board, and they have led the way on all of our branding and technology initiatives. They continue to exceeded my expectations applying both their own skills as well as managing others and have been an innovative and intricate part of [our] team. I would not hesitate to recommend this team for any creative design or web based development or implementation."


Debra S., Entrepreneur, Jewelry Industry:

"I have worked with Joe Weirather in a professional capacity since he founded Datasilk in 1999. Over the years he and his team have worked on numerous web-projects and application development projects for the companies I owned or managed, and it is with great pleasure that I offer this reference for him... Time and again he delivered beautiful websites and collateral material that were inventive and unique and kept us at the top of our “internet game” during the dot com boom. Likewise, he kept website features straightforward and simple for our customers, and he remained a great problem solver as technical issues arose from time to time."


Jon R., Vice President, Insurance Industry:

"Joe demonstrated from early in his days starting Datasilk that he understood what business is all about. He was well organized and thrived under adversity. He kept a sharp eye on the bottom line, but realized too that customer satisfaction is what makes or breaks your business. I suppose doing well in business is easy if you are, as he is, driven in equal measure by both quality and efficiency."


Patrick S., President, Property Management:

"Joe has provided IT support and advisory services for our company for the last few years. He consistently performed at an exceptional level and was conscientious in both the way he performed and the way he helped us to make sound business decisions in support of our bottom line. We have and would continue to recommend Joe to others."


David P., Former Employee, IT Services:

"Joe was always willing to offer his assistance when needed, and his extensive background and experience in IT enabled him to be an exceptional technological advisor to our clients, as well as a skilled troubleshooter and technical trainer for our company. His effectiveness as a communicator, along with his professionalism and dedication to providing timely resolution to customer needs allowed Garrison IT to maintain an excellent rapport with the many clients served by our office."


Additional details and references (including contact info) available upon request.